Toucher and Leaddog gets an early start up the hills due to a Thursday night arrival! Toucher goes to his usual spot, with Leaddog doing what will now be most likely be his usual route! Up top, little sign is observed – no rubs, scrapes yet. Taking almost three hours to get to the area of interest, which is only about 1/3 or so of a mile from the start, Leaddog jumps something either out of it’s bed or was walking up from the bowl. Yet another missed opportunity to bag the beast of the rubs it appears. Upon reaching the rubs of last year and year prior, it was determined that a mega-mule indeed exists! Meanwhile, Toucher is still on watch on his hill….with Polecat nursing his knee from a prior injury at camp.

Leaddog finds the Probie and Digger on his way off the hill, who performs an expert drive to both with no results. All catch’s up with Toucher on the way out who then reports that the Big, mean ‘ol bear is now even bigger! The crew assembles at camp, who then assembles a dinner of beast loaf with all the trimmings. The FAMHC has but four members gaining membership status at this time due to required attendance – invalid medical excuses are not tabled for discussion!

Waking up to a precipitation event, it was determined that a low hunt is to take place in the Nor’easter that was howling outside. A run up and down the Duck Hole reveals that there is an active mule, who’s scraping up the land is now making his presence. No less than 15 scrapes are seen, with many rubs as well. The maker of such is not willing to engage at this time, and will surely taunt the gang in the future. After most of all are soaked by rain, sleet, hail and snrain, a decision is made to go to a dry camp, to commence the wetness of the innards of the crew. Mule steaks are on the menu, which were prepared and devoured regardless of the ensuing Nor’easter…..

Still raining, sleeting and now ice, the crew has made a decision to not chase the fat off of the mules until the gang resumes activities next Friday.

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