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F-Troop’s “Mighty Magic Mule Shingle Steaks”

1 – Find roadkilled mule or similar, remove any worms present. Save worms for step 2a
1a – Pound out any tire tracks, remove rocks and let sit in sun for two hours.
2 – Soak mule meat in a mixture of So-Co and Beer, with onions and oil. Ensure that grizzle and fat is present, for added flavor.
2a – Rub generously into the mule, one can Dinty Moore Beef stew. Add worms from step 1.
3 – Salt the shit right out of it – Ask Spike to help with this. 😉
4 – Start a smokey fire of pine cones and pine bark. Use NO hardwood.
5 – Add oil to the soaked, salted mule, then throw on fire for at least 45 minutes per side before turning. Add pine cones and pine pitch for added flavor.
6 – Cook the shit right out of the mule, till it has the consistency and appearance of Spikes other sock, flavor is not a concern.
7 – Cut up 10 to 12 onions, soak in oil and throw the sploosh directly on the fire. This will create a unique flavor when combined with steps 4 and 9.
8 – When the fire is out, the mule is almost ready.
9 – Take the mule and rub it with “a clam hung with a rusty nail on a tree”.
10 – Remove shingles from the shitter, and replace such with mule pieces.
11 – Eat shingles from the shitter.

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