Nope….not yet.
Leaddog and Steven arrives, and both hit the hills. Leaddog takes the Knolls trail, Steven goes the Piney Knob route. Robba joins the two and hits the local hill with nothing. nadda. zilch. zero. The three converge on the forbidden lands below with a few tracks here and there, but not the zig-zag of WTF as seen the next day.

The gang of six (where there was once 12 or more) goes deep into the howling wilderness to hopefully extricate the mega-mule that is scraping the ground to bedrock and rubbing trees so hard that they glow red at night. Yup – red at night… Toucher now in better spirits has the bell, and takes the Polecat for a walk. To Gitchi-gumi and beyond! Rubs, scrapes and other mule related items were found by the crew, but where is he? It looks like there may be more than one mule staking his claim, but it’s staked out well before we get to the roast!

The opposite Bunny-hill is attacked, with Leaddog finally getting to watch in a watch that wasn’t watched since the last time Leaddog watched a mule get spanked! More tracks are seen than ever, beech nuts abound, as the very air is abound with beech nuts as they rain upon the watchers. Not one mule is seen however….What gives?

WEEK FOUR! The Great Alaskan Adventure!

Week Four begins with the five day extended hunt/physical fitness event.
Leaddog arrives and spend a wonderful day in the lowlands attempting to locate the roaming flock of mules all by himself. Through the Knolls, up to the 10.2 watch, around the Duck Hole then back to camp via the first cable, nothing is found except two large scrapes at the property line where a watch is set until dark. The only thing watched was the sunset…..

Digger arrives, and up the hill both go. To the lands of the mega-beast both go, with scrapes rubs and more seen but no mule. Both hit the Thumb, and stay way late in the day when Digger finds a bleeding rub and a middle fingered hoof print informing the two that “nope, not today” by the mule. Steven is found at a most perfect spot, but nothing perfect showed himself.

A good compliment of Rangers is now on hand, and a hunt somewhat local is set. All crawls, prowls and slithers about with no mules observed on “No-Name”, with the result being DNR – “Do Not Return”! What is going on? How could this much sign have no results? WTF?!

The crew hits yet another favorite area in the pouring rain. Digger goes on watch, and Robba finds a mule on watch just 30 yards from Digger – who was watching who? Said mule takes flight over the top and to elsewhere, where else?!

Hunters are now miners, and the splitting of the “Rock” resumes. I can’t even begin to explain!