Leaddog arrives to a cold camp, in yet another bout of pouring rain. After a nice fire is built and the camp warms somewhat, the rain ceases and the trails are hit. Going up the “secret yellow snipped trail”, the only sign observed is the usual calling cards left on the ground. Entering the area of the 10.2 watch, Robba and Probie announces their arrival and a push of the other side to the Duck Hole is in order. Leaddog waits, with nothing being pushed in the direction thereof. Note that Polecat is indeed at camp, but is “saving his sore knee” for the Saturday hunt. Beastloaf is on the menu for the eve.

The usual core crew of Rangers are now present, since no one else seems interested in hunting in the big scary woods these days. A repeat of Friday’s hunt is performed, with watchers watching, and drivers driving. Not one hair of a mule is seen, except for a few washed out scrapes. Now that the crew is used to hunting in the Nor’easter conditions of last week, the 40+ mph winds don’t seem to hamper their enthusiasm….yeah – sure. Sleet, rain and snrain once again pelts the gang as they move about the hills, with no results whatsoever. All returns to camp to begin the Saturday eve festivities! On the menu is a ground mule sauce with pasta which was quite delicious!

Once again, as in the past for reasons unknown the gang is directed to hunt where they found out (once again) that there were no deer present. A push of one of the bunny hills resulted in yet another wasted Sunday, but at least Lindy is now familiar with performing Toucher’s route up top. Some sign was seen here and there, but not one mule was observed, again.

Next week – The return of “Professional Week”, where select members will stay in camp till Wednesday, most likely removing mice from the traps…..

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