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F-Troop’s “Bouncy Cross the Creek Buckballs”

This traditional fare of the camp utilizes special equipment and methods* to ensure that the finished product is ready for consumption:
*Method – Billy’s Test

Required: One snowshoe – traditional web and ash frame
1 – Use recipe from “Mega Meatloaf”
2 – Add one additional can Dinty Moore stew.
3 – Add 10 -12 onions
4 – Add 3 – 6 cups breadcrumbs (ask by radio for exact quantity required)
5 – By hand, take one full handful of mixings, about softball size and compress the shit of it to the size of a golf ball, or smaller.
6 – Cook at 578 degrees until the spheres are burnt to the degree of the Mercury Biscuits – sunny side.
7 – Place in sauce (recipe to follow), simmer till 8 or 9 o’clock, or when Tobias get pissed.
8 – Serve with sauce and pasta dejour.
9 – Take one buckball, and snowshoe to piss porch.
10 – *Method – Toss buckball in air, swing snowshoe, like A-Rod in the batters box, with the intent to propel said buckball over creek. If successful flight is obtained as planned, serve and enjoy!

Ftroop’s “Secret Slimy Spaghetti Sauce”

1 – Peel and cut 10 to 12 onions in pieces.
2 – Cook peels and onions in large pot.
3 – Add 3 cans Dinty Moore stew
4 – Add any leftover cuisine from any previous meals
5 – Add 3 -4 cans tomatoes, or similar
6 – Stir in 1 cup So-Co, one cup beer.
7 – Cook the shit right out of it, until a slight burnt aroma develops: 5 – 6 hours
8 – Serve with any pasta on hand, preferably wheat. Cook pasta in the same manner as Luscious Lasagna noodles.



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