It all begins. A core crew of seven assembles at camp to chase mules across the lands, but unfortunately the lands are still leave covered that inhibits the crew from seeing much beyond 30 yards. All marches up to the Hilton through freezing rain which actually stopped for once before all got soaked, where a tube steak lunch is devoured. Up top all spread out and hunts to their destination of desire, but no sign is seen nor a mule encountered. Upon returning to the lowlands, an intruder lay in wait – hoping that the noisy exiting crew may move mules about, but not this time! All marches out to a fine dinner of mule steaks and trimmings.

The gang awakens to a blustery and cool day, and hunt two of the year commences. A full push of one of the bunny hills is in order, with two watchers on watch on a hill that can’t be watched with only two watchers….During the drive Steve’n sees two mules which disappeared quicker than his GPS! 😉 A new unit is now needed, perhaps a sale can be found somewhere where a replacement unit can be easily obtained, we’ll see!! All arrives at their predetermined endpoint, the only other woodsy creature seen was a Pine Martin (not Digger’s friend Marty) by Leaddog.

Next week – the first sanctioned FAMHC gathering is planned and will hunt as they desire!


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