Leaddog’s Camp Cookin’ vol. 1

“F-Troop’s Luscious Lasagna”

1 -Take some noodles, any kind it really won’t matter – and cook the shit right out of them till they’re about a mush-like-gruel consistency.
2 – Cook a lot of onions. A LOT!
3 – Place the mush in a pan.
4 – Open one can Dinty Moore Stew, and spread evenly over the mushed noodles.
5 – Place another layer of noodle mush, and add onions. A LOT!
6 – Open another can of Dinty Moore Stew and repeat.
7 – Heat oven to 500 degees, or hotter.
8 – Cook until burnt to a crisp on both the bottom and top.
Serve and Enjoy!

F-troop’s famous “Planet Mercury Biscuits”

This age old recipe is founded after the conditions present on the planet closest to the sun – Mercury – where the sunny side is +400 degrees and the shadow side is -400 degrees:

1 – Turn on the oven to 500 or hotter- (sun temp)
2 – Place biscuits on a rack with foil. Leave no space between biscuits. Brush biscuits with onion flavored oil.
3 – Cook until burnt to a crisp on the bottom, and still ice cold raw on the top
Serve and enjoy with copius amounts of onions!

Soon to come in our continuing cook book on Page Two:
“Dinty Moore scrambled eggs”, and
“How to cook mule steaks so even the dog won’t eat them, and you can use them to reshingle the shitter” !

UMMMM-um! 😉

Page Two

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