Leaddog arrives Thursday night to get an early start for the Friday recon. Heading up the Yellow trail spending time in the watches, a decision is made to hit the Duck Hole fringes to see if anything is present. Rain is forcasted to arrive after five, which arrived five minutes after reaching the Duck Hole. Jake gets in the woods late, but still in time to maintain membership in the FAMHC. Not one tail is seen, a scrape here and there is present, however as usual the makers of such are not. Rain pushes the two out of the woods….


With a crew of eight, the gang decides to push to the west to well placed watchers delivered by vehicles. Drivers drive to the watch line, with again no results. Tracks abound, a few scrapes in the usual places – they’re here but where? Probably the on the “shelf”…..


In order to confuse the mules, a reverse drive of one of the local Bunny Hills is performed. Polecat hunts to Lindy all by himself on watch in the notch, with the rest of the gang waiting low. During this event, Junior, the premier Bear and Coyote hunter – pushes a doe right to the now almost healed Toucher, which ended up in his lap! Where is the proverbial “trailing buck”? Probably on the shelf!!!

Next week – it looks as if a backcountry hunt may be in order to satisfy the yearning needs of the Polecat. Robba is crafting a stretcher/litter to carry out the Polecat as we speak! We could just bring a shovel……..

Duck Hole

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