Work Week End 2018


Work week end 2018 will be Sept 29 & 30. On Friday the 28th we will convene at the Oxbow for dinner 6 to 7PM or bring your own chow and eat your own shit in camp.  We owe Christie a couple of dinners out as she does not charge us any extra for the beer.  You must tell me now or call me ASAP so I can plan on the chow.

We are broke.  $550 left in our camp fund. No fire wood sales for the past 3 years.  It cost about $350 to run the camp for the 49 days we use it now. ($100 bucks for the Dish and $72 for the phone)  Just so you dildos with the look of fear can check in with the boss.   Beer and chow for the work week end will come to about  $470 to $500 plus the $350 to run the camp  Your looking at about $800 to $850 a season.  I’m cutting back to a austerity budget for the work week end. No toilet paper.  You will use leaves or drag your ass in the creek like the Raven used to.  I might cut back on the booze a little also for nest year.

We’ll talk about this at work week end

You ever loving Den Ma Ma