“The Great Snowshoe Camera Recovery Expedition of Aught-Two-Nineteen”

Sunday 02-10-19 1030
Leaddog and Toucher have been conspiring for sometime on how and when to recover the long lost secretly placed camera that the was prevented removal by the warmy-changy events of last season. Watching the ongoing warmy-changy events unfold over the last two months, finally perfect snowshoeing conditions presented itself for the said recovery mission. Toucher has a companion with him on this adventure “Ms. Arietta” who shows great enthusiasm to begin a first backcountry bushwhacking snowshoe trip, Toucher too!. All meets at Robbas camp, packs the gear and proceeds up the driveway to Ftroop’s HQ, now a snowmosexual hangout. Polecat and Derrie gives salutations and farewell toasts to the three, and off they go for web-footed adventure. Meow…

At the 300 foot mark from camp, crossing the stream that is choked with ice, Leaddog finds the weakest part of the ice shelf and promptly cleans his snowshoe with the icy cold waters, and cools his left foot as well. Not to deter this well planned expedition, a quick drying of said paw is accomplished and off we go again. Meow….

Three feet of warmy-changy is present with more up top, a hard crust results in fine trekking through the wintry woods. Climbing through Beaver Valley and finally to the top, the area of interest is obtained,as well as the said device!

To celebrate, a tube steak lunch is devoured, with other goodies as well. Temperatures now in the low teens, if not lower at 3000′ the expeditionary force runs down the mountain in record time, back to warm vehicles and chicken wings.

All in all – five miles(or as Toucher recorded, just under 22,000 steps on his fit-bit) and 1000′ in elevation change was encountered, making this a another great workout in the Happy Hunting Grounds!

Digger – pictures please!


Toucher and Leaddog has plans. Meeting at the lowland migration route at dawn, both attempt to locate and watch those legendary migration routes all day until beast ‘o mighty makes his appearance. The deep snow limits any movement by anyone…Toucher sits his highway watch from last week, with Leaddog going way-way in to where the vehicles passing by sounds like a breeze in the trees. Robba joins the “Off the Hill and on the Road Gang” and sits as well, the highway is now fully covered! Finally, four does walks by Toucher with a lone mule walking at 100 yds from Leaddog who then turned on its cloaking device – it vanished into thin air! Yet another round of vehicle extrication is in order, and it gets better as the gang arrives. Polecat gets his BFG equipped, although non-American built vehicle up the hill and up to the top lot. Toucher is next, and gets caught in the newly designated “Chevy Trap”! 😉

Toucher throws his gear in Leaddog’s BFG equipped “AMERICAN MADE” truck and gets a ride to the top, where now two BFG equipped vehicles are parked. Lindy shows next and then Spike – both Chevy’s, and non-BFG equipped and gets caught in the new trap! Steve’n arrives, fully BFG equipped but is stalled by Spikes blockage of the route of ingress at the Chevy trap. Steve’n was SO happy…..

Snowmobiles are the preferred and needed mode of transportation,

Snowshoes are required, deployed and used! The gang goes back to the lowlands, straps on snowshoes and all takes off like bloodhounds on the trail of a escaped convict! Perfect conditions for snowshoes exist, were are now free to roam the woods – which we did! Polecat almost gets his Big River badge, and walks five miles. Leaddog on the other side of the road roams about and finds that a peculiar event has occurred. In the spot where the mule turned on it’s cloaking device, a bed is discovered where it bedded down and then walked it’s tracks out from the direction from which it came. Was it a buck, we’ll never know. Fresh tracks are everywhere, but not one mule is seen. This may be it boys, unless it’s a nice day tomorrow…..Steve’n finally gets his BFG equipped vehicle up top with the others including snowmobiles, after the last Chevy is removed from the Chevy block/trap. Photos tell all….. 😉

Waking to pouring rain and a saturated snowpack, yet again all are thoroughly discouraged and disgusted. Routine cleaning of the camp begins, and all depart until the snowmosexual season begins and/or the Spring hike.

Leaves inhibits good hunting for four weeks.
Rain inhibits hunting every weekend until it turned to snow.
If it wasn’t raining, it was snowing..
If it wasn’t snowing it was raining…
If it wasn’t raining or snowing, the wind was blowing….
Constant repairs to camp and appurtenant structures were made.
Vehicles(most) required human intervention in one form or another.
Robba snowblows the driveway and lots more than once..
Deployed devices caught many desired mules for the record, none were actually seen..
We got to snowshoe, hunt and snowmobile in one day!
New mystical lands were trodden..
The FedEx truck was stalked!
BFG’s are field tested and Ftroop approved!
The formation of the “Over the Bank Gang”….
A great six day Alaskan adventure was attempted, but not achieved…FA!
Most received the new Snowshoe Badge
Piewhore washed most, if not all of the dishes.
Leaddog gets stumped again early on up top…..
The Hilton is “winterized” now sporting special seating….
Generators and coleman lanterns were used.
Steve’n gets a brand new GPS!

I may add more…..