F-Troop Dictionary & Polecatism’s



A fictitious award earned and presented to any dildo where the feat in question has been attained whether intentional or not


Friday Afternoon Men’s Hiking Club

FAMHC member

Any Ranger in good standing that hunts no less than two Fridays during the hunting season


Continued Hunting Units – Earned by hunting Friday’s durning the regular season. Required to maintain membership in FAMHC(see above)


Any member, in good standing or not, in any situation at any time – (synonymous with asshole)


A place once considered far away, that we now pass on the way – to far away places


One of the many half mugs of beer to be consumed as the last beer of the evening

F-Troop Ken Doll (Official):

Any Non-senior member (in good standing) that goes on watch, shoots a buck that the drivers push to him, does not gut, nor drag, AND not even butcher said mule = FTROOP KEN DOLL.

F-Troop Ken Doll (Revised by Probie):

The Genius who shoots a mule, and has others gut it, drag it, and butcher it without getting ones hands dirty”

Polecat’s Rangers

Any dildo, asshole, or other, that follows Polecat to any part of the happy hunting grounds thinking it’s going to be fun in any way, manner or form

F@#k your Buddy

A simple, stupid, mindless card game that all must play under much duress in which the camp receives much revenue, Polecat receives satisfaction, and the winner receives less than half


See “Dildo”


An elixir that looks like and tastes like swampwater, that makes Lindy all warm and fuzzy inside


Polish 10-4


The dildo who claims the couch and lies there like a hideous playboy foldout



“The Camp Needs The Money!”

“You gotta come back! Where else can you go hunting and not see anything!?!”


“Like a clam hanging from a rusty nail!”


“You’re all going to gitchi-gumi”

“You’re a driver for the rest of your natural born life”

“Wanna So-Co? Be a Man! Have a So-Co!”

“I hate those G’damn onions – I burp and fart them all the way up the hill”

“Never again”

“We’ll hunt by wrist-watch”


“C’mon twinkle toes!”

“Who want’s to go out dancing?”

“That’s gooder than shit!”

“He can lick his eyebrows!”

“Which one of you assholes dug up my driveway?!”

“I need a volunteer!”


“Run like hell and get on watch” (usually followed by “Pedal-pedal-pedal”)

“I’m on round three”

“Move those fairy glasses”

“Eat it now, or your going to eat it next year”

“Did you pay for that soda?”

“I got records of who did dishes from 1972”

“I had that for twenty, thirty, forty years!”

“Nobody leaves until that soda money balances!”

“You wimp!”

“Follow me!”

“We are on the fringe of a piss”

“Like a possum eating sh%t on a frosty morning”

“I’m not calling it Extortion”

“We Gotta Kick The Keg!”