The FAMHC once again gathers to figure out where the beast of Toucher’s dreams is hiding. Toucher, was in the woods and most likely on his watch before any of the members of the esteemed club even showed up, still waited for the beast to make his presence. The gang all zeroed in on the Toucher, with not one tail being observed. Where is this mule hiding?! With eyes now all present, a watch is in order for most. Leaddog and Polecat relocates Trailhuggers old watch, with Chip sitting at the vicinity of Greenie’s Rock. Everyone else was waiting patiently when a shot is heard from the notch area. A quick response from Chip declares that “Brown is down”! Hearts stop as all waited for a report, and a small earthquake occurred and was felt by the gang – which turned out to be the Toucher, who was jumping up and down in rage because of what could have been his mule that was bagged by Chip! Fortunately that was not the case, as Chip’s mule was a huge, monster, giant….spike! Tipping the scales at almost 87 lbs, with five pounds of prime backstrap missing, the Chipster finally puts one on the walls! Yay Chip!

Leaddog and Toucher stays in the woods till dark, walking out with lamps. A fine celebration of Chips first buck was in order, not that the gang needed an excuse! 😉

A return to the hill in question results in not one mule being located. Scouring the mountain in the previous weeks appears to have changed the habits of the beast in question. Much sign is observed, but no maker of such is located. A subsequent drive of the other side of the creek results in a jumped mule up top by Polecat, and Digger seeing two as well. The mules seemed to have relocated operations based on the Toucher’s persistent quest on hill number one. Meanwhile the backcountry is still on hold till next week.

The mule has now been “rearranged” to eating sized portions by the crew. Toucher now heads back to the hill, not to look for his beast, but to find a lost item. Three other join the hunt, with everyone else vacating camp! What was seen (or not) will have to be reported by those who stayed.

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  1. I seen one flag. When I came up the the trail at the base of the driveway. And hunted from the snowmobile trail to the hobbit hut finding nothing but fresh running tracks so I gave up.

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