Leaddog, Steven and Jaws/Pyroman shows up to hunt the last Friday of the season. Since Marsh has been troddened to death by six inches from all of the recent activity, something new was in order. No one has been up-top, so Leaddog decides to do the round the hill hunt. Steven and Pyro hunts up Beaver Valley to the Thumb and eventually meets up with him up top. Scrapes and rubs abound, on rather large trees announcing the beasts presence. All gets excited when Robba joins the crew later in the day, who then informs all that a deer is heading right towards the gang. As usual, the mule turns on the cloaking device and it vanishes before their very eyes. A walk out back to camp with lights was in order.

Finally the crew gets a chance to hunt the backcountry, which due to the last six weeks of chasing “Darren’s Deer”, who then apparently stole and gave to the big mean ol’ bear his coveted “troop in da hood” head warming device. (Somewhere out there is a nicely warm, well armed, big mean ol’ bear.) The classic F-troop pinch didn’t work out as planned, due to the mules having other plans and were not in the area. One last attempt to find such resulted in one flash of brown traveling by the Toucher at Mach speed, as pushed by Leaddog and Chip on the Thumb. All meets up somewhat and heads back to camp under headlamp – as planned.

One last attempt to find mules results in a close to camp hunt. The team splits as usual, drivers start towards their point, watchers heads for theirs. Toucher puts out seven does as usual, but no horns! During the watch climb, one shot is heard from the area of the drive. Polecat forgot his radio and is in a comm blackout! Minutes pass that turns into an hour and finally a call from Robba informs all that a real nice eight pointer was bagged, BY ANOTHER HUNTER NOT FROM F-TROOP! Yup, there in the midst of the gang was a guy dressed in tan and brown, gutting the beast. Deflating whatever spirit that was left in the crew, all heads back to camp hoping the intruder impales himself on the rack as he pulls out the beast by himself…..

Season Synopsis:
More buck sign then ever was seen, with less does being seen than ever.

Leaddog and Chip blasts away at the big mean ol’ bear, Chip needs new under-britches!

Toucher spends an eternity and two days looking for his deer.

Leaddog bags a buck(aka NUBBS), 5ptr 130lbs.

Chip bags his first Adirondack buck, thus cleaning the gene pool of inferiority with a spiker tipping the scales at a whopping 1424 ounces!

Polecat forgets his radio!

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  1. Well Dildo’s
    Its all over for another season. I was a little choked up when I left the camp this afternoon, but I’ll get over it cause we got snowmobiling season coming up. It was a great season with great chow and lots of the amber gold. I finally kicked the keg at about 11 PM. The first two weeks could have been better (Bad Leaves) but we made an effort. I left the critter cam up it, in hopes of seeing what we might have missed.
    Our next excursion into the back country will be the annual spring hike. Of course, snow on the drive way, weather and social commitments will determine when we go.
    While I was putting away the beer mugs I saw the Probies mug all alone on the shelf. I will take a picture of it for the memory. We’ll call it “YES DEAR” and it will be on this site.

  2. saturday additional:

    while robba, the streak, and polecat were on recon with metal detector at the ancient well/foundation, hobbit went “fred from ace” and took a swim in the duck hole outlet!

  3. I forgot to ask him if he came back to camp or did he stick it out for the rest of the day. That was a Greeney trick,,,Asking a nearby drunk about rule 39A. If you fall in can you go back to camp. Answer was YES. He promptly jumped in up to his thighs and was followed by the drunk—THE STORK.
    I wonder if the Hobbit fell in or jumped in.

  4. Pulled the critter cam on Friday Jan. 1. No animals at all. The park whores were still around though cause there were some old tracks around. There was a 3 inch hard crust that I could walk on. Going up this week end Jan. 8 & 9.

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