Leaddog bags buck. Details to follow…… sorry Al!

Ok, I’ll try to update but my memory is getting foggy. It must be reported that the Leaddog was in Horicon assisting the Search and Rescue efforts for the lost hunter for two days, so no official “Week Five!” report was created.

We all hunted for Toucher’s mule – again. Toucher, in the woods at dark once more sits and see’s a doe at his watch – I think. The gang crawls throughout the lands, with no results. We can’t keep this pace as is in this location, the backcountry calls!

The gang hunts Toucher’s hill – again. Part two of the day results in an attack of the hill behind camp. Reluctantly, and under orders Leaddog and Steven climbs into their watches. After yet another heart pounding climb, Leaddog stumbles into his watch. Attempting to regain any type of regular breathing pattern, a mule appears to be standing 75 yards away – which looked as if it had horns! As always it’s behind a tree blocking the view. 10 minutes pass, and finally the mule steps out and begins to vacate the area. One shot is sent hitting the beast, two more follow- just because! The mule goes up a small knoll and is out of site. After a wait Leaddog follows the path taken, and there on the knoll lies the mule – who then attempted to run but couldn’t. The kill shot was delivered and Ftroop has it’s first buck of the year!

I honestly can’t remember what we did! But I’m sure it resulted in running around the woods aimlessly!

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