Work Weekend 2015: Leaddog Out?

F-Troop Ken Doll Hunter Award 2015 - Leaddog
F-Troop Ken Doll Hunter Award 2015 – Leaddog

Reliable sources report that lead dog might break rule A1A-000 of the F-Troop hand book, which states “there shall be no weddings during hunting season and all activities related” (ie W.W.E). If this is the case, this infraction is punishable. I dont think it is as serious as chip handing over the a-hole award, cause lets face it he has it forever. That being said, i am sure said infraction does impose a penalty like probation OR even double secret probation. To close, we will have to wait to see what transpires to this serious situation.*

*DISCLAIMER- this post was made for entertainment purposes and only intended to be funny so do not take it seriously,please!

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  1. Don’t worry Lead Dog. Probation ain’t so bad. You get to sleep in. And the expectations are set low. Although double secret probation does require giving 75% of the F*@& u’r buddy pot to Polecat. You should at least buy a keg to avoid that.

  2. I agree that Chip should not have to give up the coveted A-Hole award. He has earned it. But due to the seriousness of the rumored potential infraction I propose a new award for this special situation. The F-Troop Ken Doll Hunter Award! No need to convene a special council to vote. This is being passed with a message of necessity and being awarded to Leaddog! Congratulations!

  3. Update:
    Breakfast by Digger –
    Saturday- Granola with almond milk. Don’t forget the banana’s!
    Sunday – Rice cakes, dry. Prune juice, and soy milk.

  4. I know of a good lying, cheating, lawyer, which I understand that he will need if he miss’s this 2nd time around wedding in Plattsburg for the daughter of a friend that he has’nt seen in years. He knows better than to go up against real leader of the pack.
    The lawyers name is LipShits & LipShits of Albany.
    He can always do stick duty in the Shitter as punishment.

  5. Digger
    Make that Prune Juice mandatory at every meal for all. He’ll need more than a stick.

  6. Question ? ?
    Does the Ken Doll have balls. If so. Than this award would’nt be appropriate as he’s a man not a ball less wimp.
    Had to add this. Love is in the air.

  7. Now Now Polecat –

    Your dearest leader, Oblame-o has announced that if you’re on socilaist security, and own firearms, you may be in jeopardy of losing them if proven to be somewhat crazy or incapable of running your affairs.

    How’s that senile-citizen thing going? 😉

  8. Ok,

    I can’t hold it anymore, I’ll be there! I knew this two weeks ago…..

    I was hoping more of the dildos would reply, but no.

    So, you may relax now Polecat – The Polecat Rescue Team will be present in full force, with filterpump, GPS , and compass. 😉

  9. YEA
    How’d you manage it ? Did you grow a pair ? or was the wedding called off. Has to be some thing. What part of your life did you have to give up ? Fishing, Hunting on Sundays. What time do you have to be home on Sundays ? Will you still have that look of fear on Sunday afternoons ?
    Your ever loving Den Ma Ma

  10. Always had a pair!
    Wedding is still on!
    Nothing given up!
    I’ll leave as always on Sunday, still with that look!!

    Rest easy, We’ll be there to rescue you again – I hope the bruises on your knees healed from them knocking together like a woodpecker drilling on a steel beam when you were “turned around” last year – with your dynamic duo: Toucher and the Chipster!

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