Spring Hike 2015 – The Tradition Continues!

Pictures are posted on Flickr here F-Troop Spring Hike 2015

I will post them on here soon.

Recap to follow


The tradition has not been broken yet! Five Ftrooper’s shows up to spend the weekend revisiting stories of past hunts and jaunts, and to help in the creation of yet another tale to be placed in the books.

After a night of celebratory festivities, the gang wakes up to cloudy, threatening skies; as well as clouded bloodshot eyeballs. After breakfast and copious amounts of coffee, three Rangers gear up for adventure! Polecat, Leaddog and Digger assembles their backcountry goods and gear (which included GPS’s, radios, water filter), and heads off to the hills for fun and adventure. Pie-Whore and Spike remains at camp, and ventures to a local lake in the interim.

The target was located within the bounds of the holy, and most sacred of hunting grounds of Ftroop. After three hours of climbing and sweating out most of the previous nights consumption of adult beverages, the target was soon obtained – but not before a little precipitation was endured by the three amigos. Not to let a little rain dampen the gangs spirits, the vessel “USS Boo-Boo Kitty” was soon found as it was left, and readied for launch. But not to anyone’s surprise, the commencement of the newly formed Ftroop Navy and Maritime Services was thoroughly dampened by an intervention by the global-climate-changey-warmy-thing.

It rained like hell. With lightening even. In the woods. In the middle of nowhere.

The aluminum vessel was soon converted to a dry, rainproof/lightening attracting shelter, in which the now dampened three huddled under to stay dry, as with the guides of yesteryear did in such situations. They had wooden vessels, we had a metal vessel, in a thunderstorm – what possibly could go wrong?

The rain soon let up, and a fire was built and hotdogs cooked and devoured – which actually tasted good! A recon of the lake was accomplished, and what appeared to be a trout jumped at flies! No fish where harmed during this expedition. The three returns to camp in less than three hours, over five miles – to a waiting fire to cook on, which was extinguished by rain faster than Spike consuming five dozen bloops.

Since no “other” Rangers couldn’t or did not want to attend, a special commemorative badge has been developed and awarded to all attendees, which will be proudly displayed.

3 Replies to “Spring Hike 2015 – The Tradition Continues!”

  1. Nice pictures. It surely looks like an adventure. I’m sure plenty of beer, SoCo and gin was consumed to help dry out from the rain.

  2. Yup the pictures were nic. Pie Whore and I went to G Lake the the storm came in so we went back to camp. We got the fire going to cook the burgers and dogs then the rains camp again. We all ate soggy burgers,

  3. Of course, Spike did’nt mind the soggy burgers. He ate 3 of them, 1 hot dog and cleaned up the rest of the beans.
    We don’t need a garbage can, we got Spike

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