Work Weekend 2015: Leaddog Out?

F-Troop Ken Doll Hunter Award 2015 - Leaddog
F-Troop Ken Doll Hunter Award 2015 – Leaddog

Reliable sources report that lead dog might break rule A1A-000 of the F-Troop hand book, which states “there shall be no weddings during hunting season and all activities related” (ie W.W.E). If this is the case, this infraction is punishable. I dont think it is as serious as chip handing over the a-hole award, cause lets face it he has it forever. That being said, i am sure said infraction does impose a penalty like probation OR even double secret probation. To close, we will have to wait to see what transpires to this serious situation.*

*DISCLAIMER- this post was made for entertainment purposes and only intended to be funny so do not take it seriously,please!

Spring Hike 2014

good time to start thinking about spring hike… are we still going to set up remote camp site at the canoe or did any other ideas come up.
If camp site is still on, i picked up 100ft 1/4inch rope, 8×10 camo tarp,10×12 camo tarp and have couple 5 gal buckets.

F-Troop Ken Doll


DEFINITION: any non senior member (in good standing) that goes on watch, shoots a buck that the drivers push to him, does not gut, nor drag, AND not even butcher said mule = FTROOP KEN DOLL


idk what ruts are present by the humphry house. I showed up today and the ruts are fixed,  with orange cones upon said ruts, and all the leaves on the drive way are completely blown way off the road. Sounds like the email fairy listened to polecats rant and fixed the issue and them some!!!

spring hike

as of 1 week ago (4-3-13) me jr. and hobbit rode to Haskels and back (60 miles for the nonsnowmobilers). There is alot of snow still. It will be some time before we go to the falls if that is the target we aim to hit. The trip, wherever we go, can still happen even if Polecat does not get the clear to just go to camp. Lets start yappin about this…