2010 Third Weekend Post Report

Friday: Leaddog, Probie goes into wet woods, snow and other types of precipitation begins. Leaddog hunts up through Beaver Valley to the Amphitheater then down to Probie on watch somewhere near Piney Knob. Polecat joins the hunt, and prowls around near the 10pt watch. Robba and Hobbit stays low and sits in their local watches. All had a wonderful day in the woods!

Saturday: Crew awakes in earnest to assault lands far away. Leaddog, Polecat and Toucher drives Too Far Ridge and Pond. Toucher earns new badge; “Twin Lakes”. Steven and Matt slithers to Digger’s watch on the backside of Stayaway, with Steven up on the Ridge. Polecat decides to take yet another extended walk around Too Far Pond, almost crossing RT28 in Racquette Lake! 🙂 Probie and Lindy sits on the sunny side of Stayaway, awaiting the hopeful return of the drivers, especially Polecat. Robba plays about being the “roaming fielder” and finds a trophy, a radiosonde from the NWS hanging in the trees, he then continues on in earnest trying to confuse any mules. Trailhugger, Hobbit and the Piewhore stays “local”, in a different timezone. At the end of the hunt, on Stayaway, a scrapeline with associated rubs are finally discovered! It appears that life does exist in those woods. Crew vows to return to hunt said beast ‘o da woods!

Sunday: Exhausted crew hunts Marsh, then other “Bunny Hill”. Does observed, with minor scrapes and rubs. Buck II now is located and is placed in queue for another day.

  • Bucks: 0
  • Does: 2
  • Flags: ?

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  1. You should destroy that radio transmitter. Either Homeland Security is going to ambush F-Troop or that box was a plant by the cub scouts to find our hunting spots. Houston, we have a problem.

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