2010 Third Weekend Post Report

Friday: Leaddog, Probie goes into wet woods, snow and other types of precipitation begins. Leaddog hunts up through Beaver Valley to the Amphitheater then down to Probie on watch somewhere near Piney Knob. Polecat joins the hunt, and prowls around near the 10pt watch. Robba and Hobbit stays low and sits in their local watches. All had a wonderful day in the woods!

Saturday: Crew awakes in earnest to assault lands far away. Leaddog, Polecat and Toucher drives Too Far Ridge and Pond. Toucher earns new badge; “Twin Lakes”. Steven and Matt slithers to Digger’s watch on the backside of Stayaway, with Steven up on the Ridge. Polecat decides to take yet another extended walk around Too Far Pond, almost crossing RT28 in Racquette Lake! ๐Ÿ™‚ Probie and Lindy sits on the sunny side of Stayaway, awaiting the hopeful return of the drivers, especially Polecat. Robba plays about being the “roaming fielder” and finds a trophy, a radiosonde from the NWS hanging in the trees, he then continues on in earnest trying to confuse any mules. Trailhugger, Hobbit and the Piewhore stays “local”, in a different timezone. At the end of the hunt, on Stayaway, a scrapeline with associated rubs are finally discovered! It appears that life does exist in those woods. Crew vows to return to hunt said beast ‘o da woods!

Sunday: Exhausted crew hunts Marsh, then other “Bunny Hill”. Does observed, with minor scrapes and rubs. Buck II now is located and is placed in queue for another day.

  • Bucks: 0
  • Does: 2
  • Flags: ?

2010 First Weekend Post Report

Saturday: Crew hunts over through Beaver Valley over Liz through the Knolls. Mules located in the Knolls and sent a’flyin to the East. No apparent bucks in the mix. Newbie learns the meaning of the watch, and performs quite well on his first drive. Voluminous sign of moose noted on Thumb trail!

Sunday: Crew anxiously awaits till rain begins to hunt “Bunny Hill”. Rain commences in fine fashion when crew is in woods. Mules once again a’flyin off hill in every direction except up. In the case regarding Probie, a flat-topped mule almost ran up his ass! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Saturated crew watches in amazement as Probie extricates said mule from his innards, using a “doearectomy” which then continues on to parts unknown. Meanwhile a lone mule escapes rear of hunt, through back door past lone watcher. Next time TWO watchers will be posted at said location of escape.

Don’t forget to send any photos to Digger for compilation!

Den-mama sports new bumper sticker! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Count to be updated from archives!

  • Bucks: 0
  • Does: ??
  • Flags: ??

Election week long hunt

hey whats going on guys? when we were up at work weekend a couple of guys were throwing around the idea of having a election week hunt come up after election day and stay till the end of the weekendย  let me know if this is something that will be happening.ย ย  SEE YOU IN 11 DAYS

Proof Of Life!

This just in from Probie:


Robba sent me the attached picture for you to post on the website. It is a 10 point buck shot by Bill C behind the cinema in “Town”. About a 17-1/2โ€ spread. There are big bucks in them thar hills. See you Friday.


Well boys if that ain’t enough to get yer blood pumping then ya better consider a new hobby!
See you guys Friday!

Squirrel’s Beware!!!!

I just received my shiny new GAMO Big Cat 1200 from Cabela’s today thanks to some B-day gift card’s. I have had it with trying to handle my vermin problem humanly! I have tried everything to keep the squirrels out of my garbage cans with no success. It’s time they met their maker. Once I get it sighted in, there won’t be a squirrel within 40 feet of my bathroom window! ๐Ÿ™‚
Hey Leaddog, know any good squirrel recipes?