2010 Second Weekend Post Report

Friday: Leaddog gets in woods to 10pt corner watch. Rain-sleet-snow begins, and doesn’t end until watch was left after five hours of admiring the apparent lifeless forest. At 1000hrs, a flock of Chik-a-dees moves through the watch going uphill, and at 1400hrs they returned, traveling in the opposite direction through the watch. It was nice to see life!

Saturday: Crew hunts to Hilton, then to Red Pail, then the big drive back to Billy’s Watch, where the Pie-Whore waited in fine fashion for the men to come through. No mules observed, no scrapes or rubs.

Sunday: Crew hunts “Bunny Hill”, no mules. Crew of four remains to hunt part two of the Bunny Hills, where a flag was finally observed. Nothing else.

  • Bucks: 0
  • Does: 0
  • Flags: 1

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