Happy New Year

Well boys another year is here already!
I hope everybody had a great holiday! I got a 32 gb iPod touch for x-mass. In fact I am using it to write this post right now. I will get the countdown updated along with a few other things done next week. Now that I have this new little gadget I want to make our site more mobile friendly. I also have to make it more user friendly as well. I’ll get to it at some point this year! 🙂 I know you guys have heard that before, but this year I’m serious!
Stay tuned!

4 Replies to “Happy New Year”

  1. I just happen to have one too! It’s only a 8 googoo bite one, but it works!

    Now we just need a wireless network at camp 🙂

  2. No way brah! You got a touch too huh? Kewl. I already started a countdown widget that runs on the mac. I’ll send it to you when I finish it. Your kid can put it on his machine. No PC, sorry. I should be able to package it so it runs on the touch too. No snowshoes yet! 🙁 Someday I’ll have the time to go. I’m looking forward to trout season now. I hate the snow!

    By the way make sure you download the wordpress app so you can check the blog and post from yer touch!

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