Great Snomosexual Migration coming to an end.

Well based on the latest midweek picture, conditions don’t look good for the SnowMoFo’s amongst us. Personally I love the sight of a clear trailer roof! Last weekend we had some camera issues but did get some images of what I’m assuming was the end of this years migration. Fresh tracks lead right past the mock scrape/weather station but the camera didn’t capture them.

Great Snomosexual Migration

Sunday I headed up to Lower basecamp to remove 24″ of warmy-changy from the roof(which resembled F-Troop phase seperated al a mode) and perform routine maintenance on WxFTR1968. Being President’s Day weekend I knew it was peak Snomosexual season and sure enough before I was done shoveling out my watch two came right to me. Several more soon followed but stayed out of view of the camera. Polecat, Robba, and The Toucher accompanied by their Den Mama’s took off for a short loop. While out they were going to do some distance measuring in relation to last years spring hike. Robba will have to report back if said experiment took place.

The Great Missing Pillow Caper

Have You seen me?

It was just over a month, since the close of the season,
Before out came a rant, for some particular reason.
An item close to one’s heart was found to be missing,
Which kept all of the gang endlessly guessing.

All were notified, warned, and thoroughly scolded,
It appeared that the camp, might soon could be folded.
Polecat, who was holding fast to his ground,
Said that the camp would be closed, until it was found.

Searching many places, with some high and some low,
They looked in between spaces, where the mice even go.
Hours were spent, working on this fateful event,
The item was still missing, with no clue where it went.

Who would have taken it, and the question is why?
How could it be missing, was the Polecats reply.

At the same time, at over a hundred miles away,
Two of his Rangers, called each other to say;
I have an idea, as to where it may be!
You’ll have to search elsewhere, so go look and we’ll see.

As fate would have it, the item was soon found.
Not all that far either, from the original ground.
A young RIT took it, without any permission,
He’s now on the shit list, and will live in the kitchen!

By Leaddog

Things Are Changing Around Here.

Yes, I know. Finally. I am in the process of cleaning things up around here. I have completed the WP upgrade. Things seem to have gone fine. If you guys have the site bookmarked you may have to update the link. I changed the location. It will prolly change again over the next few days. Just bear with me, I am trying to make navigating this mess I call a website a little more straight forward.
I will be e-mailing everybody to make sure e-mail addresses are valid. So respond, Please! 🙂 If and when you login(except you leaddog) things will look different, the dashboard has been updated! Posting is straight forward, as always. You guys can click everything that you see, don’t worry you can’t break anything. If you guys have any questions or problems with your account just e-mail me, matt(at)diggity21(dot)com and I’ll fix everything!
That’s all for tonight, check back over the next few days for some new stuff.

Why I can’t afford snowshoes!

From a reliable source, “The Internet:”

The cell phone bill says “9-1-1 Service Fee”: $1.20. You pay it every month to New York state.

But only six cents end up at a 911 center.

Instead, the state spends the money on itself: overtime, fringe benefits, travel, vehicles, new boots, snowshoes, clip-on ties, sun block, spray paint, groceries, dry cleaning and other daily expenses for agencies ranging from the state police to the departments of corrections,to the DEC state records show.

Between Toucher strong arming for work on my car, and Leaddog’s employer taxing me each month, no wonder I can’ t get a pair of snowshoes!