Why I can’t afford snowshoes!

From a reliable source, “The Internet:”

The cell phone bill says “9-1-1 Service Fee”: $1.20. You pay it every month to New York state.

But only six cents end up at a 911 center.

Instead, the state spends the money on itself: overtime, fringe benefits, travel, vehicles, new boots, snowshoes, clip-on ties, sun block, spray paint, groceries, dry cleaning and other daily expenses for agencies ranging from the state police to the departments of corrections,to the DEC state records show.

Between Toucher strong arming for work on my car, and Leaddog’s employer taxing me each month, no wonder I can’ t get a pair of snowshoes!

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  1. I’m waiting for Obama to stimulate me! 🙂 You better watch out! He is really cracking down on government waste! He’s watching you.

  2. When Barry stimulates you it’s going to be like getting date raped….you wake up and say to yourself…”What the F just happened?”….

    And government waste,…isn’t that an oxymoron? Don’t worry, Patterson’s “watching” us all!

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