Week Eight – For the Second time in History – FTroop gets “Skunked”

Friday: Robba, Hobbit and Leaddog arrives at camp…More Global Warming has accumulated since the last weekend, as well as a crust which involved a two step for one, per leg effort to hunt. Robba led the way, ALL the way to the Duck Hole, where it was determined that a useless undertaking was in the works. Robba tries to locate ANY mules, none to be found.

Saturday: Council was held, and by diplomatic vote it was determined that FTroop will hunt “off the hill” which hasn’t occured in over 15 years due to all the Global Warming that has piled up.
The crew drives via trucks to a more resonable area where snow was “only” a foot deep, and where FTroop has never hunted before. After one fairly useless drive, (one skipper doe to Leaddog), a second drive was made. Tracks, beds and other sign abound as well as those who made them. Several encounters withs mules were had, fresh beds and a set of moose sized tracks were noted, especially where the moose sized tracks jumped a rather large stream to the other side, away from said does. No possible way to cross water without other means. Crew vows to redo hunt on sunday, placing sharpshooter on bank of stream to encounter possible moose sized mule.

Sunday: Broken vows due to excessive Global Warming again….wind, snow,wind and snow decides the day. Breakfast was had, camp was cleaned readying the Denmama for the upcoming snowmobile season. All enjoyed a knuckle whitining ride down the hill to the bosom of the flatland, where wives and loved-ones were in waiting with honey-do lists in hand.

Season Synopsis: Two bucks should have been taken, one small eight by Bernie and Robba, and a rather large eight by Polecat. Two large Bears could have been taken, but weren’t. Ftroop closes season with one small woodpig in the freezer. The last time that happened, which has occurred only once in Ftroop’s history, was about 10 years ago.

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  1. Eight weeks PLUS the work week end was a great way to conclude the 40th year of F-Troop. Even thought no mule we still had a great time. Looking forward to the 41st year of F-Troop when we finally get our new hats and shirts.

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