Attention Ass Holes — This message is not for the sick, lame or lazy.

Trailhugger and the spinless piece of shit “spike” need not apply or respond. The Hobbit and Tobias are not in this classification and may respond to play cards and cook the shit we will eat on Saturday nite.

The men only will assemble at the camp on Friday 4/25/08 or 5/3/08 (rain or snow depth date) to go into the wilderness to explore beyond where human endurance will be tested.

We will suit up with sufficient armament and leave promptly the next morning (Saturday)

If you are going, you MUST call me by the Wednsday before. I’ll let you know if the snow is to deep by the Monday before.
Den Ma Ma
P.S. The want ad digest is full of Tread Mills. Just in case there are any sick, lame or lazy interested.

7 Replies to “Attention Ass Holes — This message is not for the sick, lame or lazy.”

  1. WELL….who’s going????

    Probie? Big time badge to be earned!






  2. Did someone say badge? An honest to goodness badge expedition? I’ll be there! Robba and Lindy are going too. Most of the troop is going to be there. Martinis saturday? Wait. It’s the Derby on Saturday. How about some Mint Juleps?


    I won’t have to drag anything will I? Every time I go out to God’s country, somebody shoots something big.

  3. yup!


    Besides the four plus three….Steven has signed on as well I’m told!

    That’s eight assholes total!!!

    No Mint Juleps for me though…and I’m not sure if we have martini mixins….


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