FAMHC has success!

The FAMHC with associated probies did indeed venture into the wilds, walked a total of no less than 18 miles and found the “target” only to be divulged and referenced to as objective “Delta Alpha”. 😉

Badges were earned by all!

Photo’s will be sent, once we get them ….stand by!

6 Replies to “FAMHC has success!”

  1. MANY Badges earned by all. I think probie has a new found respect for said badges! 🙂 As do the rest of us. I will post some pics on sunday,


  2. I can’t wait….hurry!

    Yup, dem’ der’ badges don’t come easy, now do they!?

    PLUS the “Hot Dog” badge…we all survived! 😉

  3. From what I heard from a senior founding member recently….Probie had to spend a ENTIRE week off from work to recover from said excursion.

    While the rest of us MEN went back to work, he had to nurse himself back to health….

    I think a council must be held to determine if the badge may be issued…..yup…from FL’s camp! 😉

    See your emails for the map….. 🙂

  4. I better get my badge. I earned it fair and square. It wasn’t the hike that made me sick, it was those god awful hot dogs. That deserves a badge in itself. Besides, I still have the video. No badge, no video.

    Currently, the video is in the editing room for duplicating. The grand opening for the F-Troop expedition will be work weekend (if I get my badge). See you there.

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