Attention Ass Holes — This message is not for the sick, lame or lazy.

Trailhugger and the spinless piece of shit “spike” need not apply or respond. The Hobbit and Tobias are not in this classification and may respond to play cards and cook the shit we will eat on Saturday nite.

The men only will assemble at the camp on Friday 4/25/08 or 5/3/08 (rain or snow depth date) to go into the wilderness to explore beyond where human endurance will be tested.

We will suit up with sufficient armament and leave promptly the next morning (Saturday)

If you are going, you MUST call me by the Wednsday before. I’ll let you know if the snow is to deep by the Monday before.
Den Ma Ma
P.S. The want ad digest is full of Tread Mills. Just in case there are any sick, lame or lazy interested.

Very Minor Update!

I changed the header. WOW! I am still here kicking around. I am working on a few things, so hold tight. New stuff is coming. But you guys can still post about whatever you want to! A little more participation will get me to start working a little harder.

Leaddog is kinda maybe trying to plan a Snowshoe Expedtion. But I don’t know because he dosen’t POST anything! LOL 🙂 Come on Leaddog, you have a brand new mac in your house. You have NO excuses now!

I know you guys are out there looking, lurking. I don’t know what it is you are scared of!?! Just POST!

i reset the countdown so you can watch the seconds tick away here

Just 290 days, 6 hours, 17 minutes, and 21 seconds left until 2008 Opening day of Northern Zone Season!