Spring Hike 2014

good time to start thinking about spring hike… are we still going to set up remote camp site at the canoe or did any other ideas come up.
If camp site is still on, i picked up 100ft 1/4inch rope, 8×10 camo tarp,10×12 camo tarp and have couple 5 gal buckets.

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  1. Remote camp sounds good. We can ride the canoe down the mountain in the snow like a toboggan. Digger can bring an auger and we can ice fish. Based on the spring so far I don’t know what else we will be able to do. With a canoe in the woods, I hope there is no occurrence of Deliverance. You got your banjo?

  2. I think Probie is right
    Just got back from Washington DC. We spent 2 days at the museums and memorials. Beautiful
    I refused to get out of the bus to view the White House. Derrie was’nt to happy with me when I said I’d get out if a Republican President was in office, not a communist.
    Wore my NRA Stand up and Fight Hat all week end.
    I’ve got a feeling that the snow and probably the ice on the lake will be there till mid may, along with the bugs. Not to mention the frost in the drive way.
    I’ll keep you guys posted.

  3. I have a thirty year old augger with a dull tip and a bent shaft. That should work just fine! Leaddog bring every pair of snowshoes you got. We could finally go on that Snowshoe trip we have been talking about for 10 years!

  4. Attention Dildos
    We walked into camp last Saturday (4/5) Still 24 ” of the white shit on the ground. The Hobbit’s table is just showing. Lakes are froze shore to shore. Snowmobiling is still great. Dont see a early Spring so here are the dates
    Tentative Dates for Spring Hike

    This week end 4/12 NFG to much snow in them thar hills
    Week end of 4/19 Out cause its Easter Sunday and your wifey’s will say NO
    Week end of 4/26 Out cause I cant be there. 4H Shooting Sports Banquet
    Week end of 5/3 Maybe I’ll watch the snow and call you ass holes but I dont think so. I’ll call the following monday 5/12 when I get the weather
    Week end of 5/10 Out cause its Mothers Day and your wifeys will defitinely say NO
    Week end of 5/17 Out cause I cant be there. Clam Bake at Salisbury Club
    Week end of 5/24 Out cause its the start of Memorial Day week end and your wifey’s will have other plans.
    Week end of 5/31 This might be a go. Leaves and bugs should’nt be out yet.
    Week end of 6/7 This might be our last attempt. Leaves and bugs should be out.
    Of course RAIN OR SNOW might dampen the only choices.
    By these dates all christmas tree lights should have been taken down and snowmobiles put away.
    Your Den Ma Ma

  5. I would have done the same thing Polecat did down in D.C., fuck that communist mudder fudder!
    I may actually be able to come 6/7, can’t the w/e before (May 31) because our daughter Melissa will be moving to NYC for her summer internship.

  6. I was at camp on 4/5 as well. I missed ya Polecat. We didn’t stay long just went up to check on the trailer and discovered that YOU SNOWMOSEXUALS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO “STAY ON THE TRAIL!!!!!” YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!

  7. I can’t do 5/31 Savannahs birthday is 5/29 and Jess birthday is 5/30 so its a busy weekend for me. And on 6/7 Jess is going to Atlantic city with the girls so i got kid duty that weekend.

  8. Check the track length that the snowmosexual left in your yard. I’ll bet its a 137 inch long. My tracks are only 121 inches long.

  9. Do to a lack of interest and or other commitments the 5/3 spring hike is off. Me and Lead dog were the only members or the Adk. Hiking Club (Rangers) that could make it. It might rain anyway. To far away to call. I called everybody and left messages.
    The other dates are 5/31 or 6/7 then its off till next year. The bugs may be out on 5/31 and defitinely on 6/7. So you be the judge if you want to brave it.
    I would like to see at least 4 guys but will go with 3 rangers.
    Your Den Ma Ma

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