idk what ruts are present by the humphry house. I showed up today and the ruts are fixed,  with orange cones upon said ruts, and all the leaves on the drive way are completely blown way off the road. Sounds like the email fairy listened to polecats rant and fixed the issue and them some!!!

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  1. Somebody is very very lucky. The cable was going up friday morning when I get there to meet the gas truck, as no as hole would fess up.
    Thank you Robba
    PS I still have to inspect the job

  2. I can’t find any sign of it in my backups. I have to do that more often. It must have been deleted by either Polecat, Leaddog or myself. We would be the only ones who have access to do that. It’s possible while using the app on my phone I could have deleted it on accident. We will never know.

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