spring hike

as of 1 week ago (4-3-13) me jr. and hobbit rode to Haskels and back (60 miles for the nonsnowmobilers). There is alot of snow still. It will be some time before we go to the falls if that is the target we aim to hit. The trip, wherever we go, can still happen even if Polecat does not get the clear to just go to camp. Lets start yappin about this…

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  1. Attention: Polecats Rangers Only
    I thought that the spring hike could go off the w/e of 5/4/13 but looking at the 2 feet of snow on the driveway and probably more back in by the stillwater, I dont think its going to happen. Not counting the frost that has to dry up before trucks are allowed on the driveway. Also rain might be a factor.
    You able Rangers may wind up going during leaf out and bugs out. You real men will love it.
    I wont know about the conditions till I get up there. Probably by the end of April, Derrie and I will take a ride up to check it out. Keep tuned.
    Den Ma Ma

  2. I’ may be doing the last snow survey this week, on Wednesday and Thursday.

    I’ll be doing the South Lake and Haskell Rd sites, which still had a lot of snow (30″) as of two week ago. Of course I’ll be driving by camp…. 😉

    Robba, it appears you and Justin drove right by my North-South Lake Rd site recently! It’s at the height of land before the gate at the Honnendaga Lake entrance! And of course Haskell Rd too!
    I’ll inform all of my findings IF I go.


  3. Attention all Rangers
    Its a go for this week end May 4. We walked in yesterday (4/28/13) Could have drove. Stil mushy at the camp. The weather looks GOOD. No snow on the north side of Irondatwat.
    Call me ASAP if you can make it.
    I have my doubts about the Toucher. He’s got the love bug bad. Last year it was a deck, but he still managed to slither down to Albany for a pipe cleaning. I wonder how many week ends he’ll miss this huntin season.I’ll call him anyway.
    Bring your own beer. I forgot to see how much Gin is left.
    Den Ma Ma

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