F-Troop Ken Doll


DEFINITION: any non senior member (in good standing) that goes on watch, shoots a buck that the drivers push to him, does not gut, nor drag, AND not even butcher said mule = FTROOP KEN DOLL

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  1. Really Robba??!!


    Let’s review:

    1 – Should I have have let the fucking deer go?
    2 – Chip wanted to gut the fucking deer, he volunteered.
    3 – Next time don’t drag the fucking deer, or wait for us.
    4 – I’m getting tired of trying fucking to explain why I wasn’t there to butcher.
    I wasn’t sitting in a duck blind.
    I wasn’t looking for love.
    I wasn’t sitting on a bar stool.
    I wasn’t doing a roof, deck, or porch.
    I wasn’t at a wedding.
    I wasn’t guarding my kids.

    I’m getting tired of this. I can take a kidding but this is just bullshit. If I get called that name, I’m done.

  2. at least you can shoot them… I fckin cant…i think im 0 for 4. ILL DRAG ALL DAY LONG FOR YOU…

  3. I like PUPPY DOG or WIMPY DOG
    Christmas lights can be put up any nite
    There will be no let up on the red assing till the next butchering job, so man up and live with it, and stop looking so scared on Sunday afternoon.
    Den MaMA

  4. I haven’t been sittin’ in a duck blind. I’d much rather be at camp but I got’s to do what I got’s to do. I’ll retire soon enough and then you won’t be able to get rid of me.

  5. Yer Lucky that you can cook
    I like your home fries better (not so many fcnkin onions or grease)
    I still smell like H/F and can still hit the eye of a needle at 20 paces.
    PS I’m pace”in the floor in camp from bordom. Can’t ride yet.

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