An excited crew assembles this week for a extra long, vacation-hunt (similar to going on an extended hunt to Alaska) where the gang will trek to faraway places in search of mega-mules. Plans have been made, destinations determined and packs packed for the long awaited stay at the happy hunting grounds. The weather however, has it’s own thoughts on this Alaskan type adventure……

The FAMHC resumes activities before the long awaited, long term stay at the happy hunting grounds. Toucher, Leaddog and Steve’n frolics about close to camp before the onslaught of more climatically changing warmy-changy, which started promptly at 2:00. Nothing was seen due to horizontally blowing snow turning the once leaved covered ground into a winter wonderland. No worries, we’ll be there until Wednesday – plenty of time to hunt the back country….right?!

The crew awakens to mother nature’s next prank – 8″ of crusted snow which now limits the range that the Rangers can actually range. No back country pursuit today, plenty of time left….right?! A repeat of Fridays hunt is in order, keep it close and tight. Not one tail is seen, hide nor hair, some tracks observed here and there. What gives? Plans are made for the next day…..plenty of time still left to hit the back country…..right??!! FA!

The crew hits the side of Liz back to the Knolls. Drives are set, watches are set, ready, set…..nada.
Still plenty of time left…..right?! FA!

A nice sunny day, lots’ of warmy-changy on the ground, so time to see what gives on the other side of the happy hunting grounds, why not, plenty of time left, right? The crew hunts areas that aren’t normally hit. Tracks abound everywhere, with the Polecat and Robba actually seeing twos does, and Digger and Leaddog seeing two more on their end. A drive ensues, with one lone mule escaping just out of Leaddogs sight. More warmy-changy makes its appearance – now making it impossible to perform the initial desire of back country pursuit of happiness of the crew. FA! FA! FA!

The now demoralized crew decides enough is enough. Why sit around in crotch deep snow when nothing abounds? Get off the hill, go the hell home and it’ll all melt by next weekend, which is only two days away- right? FA! FA! FA FA!!!!

With no one in camp – Warmy-changy decides to take over all on its own………


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