2017 WEEK SIX!


Leaddog, Steven, Robba (with Jr and Jawz), Chip and the Piewhore gets together for yet another fine day chasing mules across the Happy hunting Grounds. The FAMHC disperses, with the Polecat staying back at camp – once again – to do whatever he does there. In an effort to not get burned out on day one, all hunts “local” with a push through Piney Knob to the Duck Hole, and then on to BM/LM to finish the day off. All executes the plan to precision, and not one tail is seen – once again. We’re getting good at this! A fine meal consisting of mule-burgers and home made fries is consumed by those who hunted and the those who didn’t…..


Waking to yet another threat of rain as told by Triple Lying Doppler Radar, a big push of the Camp Knob area is on order, with a return on the other side of the creek – the F-troop U-turn hunt! All was going well, until Leaddog sees something that “wasn’t-suppoda-be-there” standing in front of him, way up on the side of the hill. This apparition did not look like any of the gang, there’s a intruder in the mix! After a lengthy interrogation of said intruder, he reveals that he’s part of Dell’s crew who’s camped out in a tent not too far away. They’ve been in there almost as long as Ftroop, so they’re essentially “tolerated” – and why not, they’re freezing their collective asses off in a tent while we sweat it out in a 85 degree camp! Maybe we’ll can some heat and bring it to them…

Back to the hill – part one results in a nice walk, finally agreeing on where the “School Bus Watch” is actually located, the crew now reassembles to perform the u-turn and off they go! All hits the hill hard on part two, with two does asking Digger for directions at the end of the drive. All performs this plan as with Fridays, with the same results.


Wind, and snow is now on order so the gang hits the Bunny Hill as with last week. The Toucher has subleased Leaddog’s watch, due to Chip now being a dedicated driver based on his blatant theft of Leaddog’s buck from last week. We won’t get into the details, because now the torture is worth every step! Chip attempts to perform the Toucher’s route up top, with Leaddog, Polecat and Robba driving below. A definition of the “TOP” of the mountain is rehashed, as Chip’s foot prints are now being followed by Leaddog. Chip readjusts his footing and finds the top, and all resume the drive. Robba pushes a lone mule in the opposite direction – as always – with no other mules being seen. The drive is completed, most are frozen and returns to camp, with only Toucher and Leaddog remaining in the arctic-like tundra to investigate and inspect the escape route where mules constantly go through on their departure from the gang.

Next week is all we got left boys!

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