The crew assembles at the local eatery-swill station to discuss Friday’s last assault of the hills. As always, nothing is decided, and won’t be until morning due to yet another round of a warmy-changy snow event. All drives back to camp to figure out what is what, and who will be driving the next day. 😉

A compliment of Rangers is now present, and all receives their FAMHC badge due to most attending sanctioned events more than once. Piewhore shows once again, and receives his full fledged badge – no senior discounted badge this time! The gang stays somewhat local, hits one side of the Duckhole and returns on the other. Toucher tries a new approach to his area of interest, which apparently worked and has a round of “dances with deer” as he finds a mule who seems to be taunting him – only a few yards away in the spruce the mule is, just out of sight – laughing. Lots of scrapes and rubs are seen, but the makers of such are not. Even the big mean ‘ol bear isn’t engaging today. All returns to camp, and enjoys a mule steak sandwich with homemade fries, all washed down with copious amounts of suds.

The gang decide to hit the same hill as with Saturday. This time Chip gets to do the top route with Robba, and both have the same results as Toucher did on Friday. The mule seems to know what the intentions of the gang is, and repeats the dance – with the mule in the lead. Once again the mule evades the drivers up top, with all drivers low hitting their intended targets. Toucher is now in virgin territory, and likes what he sees, as this end of the mountain has never been touched by the Toucher. Scrape lines are found and followed, yet once again nothing observed. On the set up for part two, as the watchers are deploying they run into a intruding non-conforming watcher, which then resulted in a change in the proposed watchline. All are set, and the drive begins – about 10 minutes into the drive, Leaddog who was finally on a watch has yet another intruder walk up to him. After a discussion it was conveyed that this hunter has been hunting there for 50 years, and intruder number one was his son. Even more interesting is, is that this guy is the one who go the legendary 16 pointer a few years ago. Chip is rescued by Leaddog and is promptly rewarded, as promised! One last day……

So why go back and hunt the mule with the magic dancing shoes? Off to another hill, to perform the usual Sunday hunt. Toucher now mans LEADDOG’s watch, and Chip gets to do Toucher’s up top route. All goes well, with does finally being pushed about. No bucks in the mix this time, all performs their duties as they should. All returns back to camp, where cleaning and polishing is in order to prepare it for the upcoming snowmosexual season.

All in all another good year of fun and antics.

Leaddog gets stumped by the mega-mule way up top, early on.
Leaddog gets thrown out of his watch on the bunny hill all season.
Chip shoots Leaddogs buck, from LEADDOG’s watch – which would have been number four in a row for Leaddog.
Chip gets all excited and now has Jungle Jim syndrome.
Jungle Jim learns what it means to be a driver, and almost quits!
Digger see his ‘ol pal again, “Marty the Martin”….
Toucher gets stumped by his mega-mule more than once, and stalked by the big mean ‘ol bear more than once as well.
Robba finds a rainbow collection of balloons…..
Piewhore finds the cell tower of tree-stands..
Dr. Pork makes his cameo appearance…
Spike eats almost all of Piewores pickled peppers…..
Lindy gets stuck on permanent drive duty.
Steven finds the Parked School Bus watch, and returns it to the map.
Round-about-Ron (aka the Polecat) spends extensive time in the roundabout fashion he does so well.
Justin and Jawz shows for a cameo appearance – no trees were harmed.
Probie gives up a crotch horn early on, waiting for a monster to appear. Probie never returns…nor did a monster.
Probie is, and always will be on probation!

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