Toucher represents the new FAMHC subcommittee “Pro Thursday” by showing up solo to battle “Beasts O’ Mighty”. Unfortunately, no beasts were battled or even seen. A walk up to his watch and on towards the 10 point watch area results in a good stretching of the legs and mind. Even the big bad mean ol’ bear won’t engage at this point. Polecat shows up, gets camp in order and both meet Leaddog for dinner and to plan the next three days of fun.

Robba joins the crew for Friday fun, and even the Piewhore shows up a bit later to earn his senior citizen discounted maintenance membership in the FAMHC. All hit a local hill, now referred to as “BM and LM”, or the “big one” and the “little one” to confuse any eavesdroppers who may be listening, and reading this post! Bears are once again pushed about, what’s up with these darn bears? They must know that Leaddog won’t (or was told to) not to take any more of these wood-pigs, and that Toucher may have a “thing goin’ on” with said critter. A push is made all the way towards camp, a u-turn is made and all hunt back and to the waiting Pie-whore, who was surprised to have four Rangers appear out of nowhere in an effort to push a mule to him. Piewhore was found sitting under a tree stand that looked like an ATT cell tower…

With a full complement of rangers and good weather on hand, the crew decides to hit the back country in yet another effort to connect with what is now referred to as “Leaddogs Deer”…! Crews disperse from three different directions to confuse the mule of interest, tracks were seen, some old rubs and yup more bear sign. Leaddog creeps into the area of the multitude of rubs, walking against the direction of a lone mule track. This mule was just there, as the snow created the “etch a sketch” condition where all tracks were new, or less than 24 hours old. These tracks went by every rub from last week without the mule hitting one of the rubs…. He’s got other things on his mind! The crew pushes to the AOI, with nothing crossing paths. Another annual visit to the Spilt-Rock camp results in another year being scraped on the surface. All meets and egresses out the escape route – where while merrily walking in single file like the seven dwarfs, the gang stumbles on a deer in the trail who quickly evacuates said area. What does deer laughter sound like..…just ask the crew?!

Welly, welly, well. How ‘bout that! The crew wakes to polar blizzard like conditions, when all thinks it’s time to clean camp and go home it was decided that “we must hunt!”. A quick hit of the Bunny Hill is in order, because that’ll get it done rather quickly, hopefully. Winds blowing 40mph made the treetops sway like….well…like Stosh did! A crew heads around the hill to drive, with four to watch. Steven in his, Digger up top, Piewhore down below guarding the escape route and Chip once again taking over LEADDOGS watch like the OWS crowd taking over Wall St. After much bitching and whining the drive starts – Toucher up top, Leaddog next, Polecat below and Robba playing cleanup down below. Robba declares that he finds sign like-a-hell below, and soon after three shots are heard from the notch, in the vicinity of LEADDOGS watch, where the Chipster was occupying. A radio query was initiated and when asked if it was Digger, a “not me” was the reply. Then, all of a sudden Chip declares that he’s got a hit and “hurry everyone, hurry” to help Chip. What happened? Where did it go? Where do we go? WTF? Then Chip calls out “Brown is Down”….Leaddog payed Chip VERY, VERY nice compliments on his skill and woodsmanship in the bagging of the mule. Something like “you better have missed and “I hope you choke on the meat” I believe was the call! There’s more, but only the Toucher knows! All kidding aside, Chip bags a nice seven pointer chasing a doe, which was only 50 feet from….LEADDOGS watch. Good job Chip – now get ready for adventure like you’ve never seen before, bring extra compasses, clothes and get a second pair of boots, you’re gonna’ need them!

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