Pie Whore's last slice of 2016
Pie Whore’s last slice of 2016

The last gathering of the 2016 FAMHC results in Toucher, Leaddog, Steven, Probie and Robba hitting the hills to work some more fat off of the mules. Toucher climbs to his watch in the amber waves of grain to inform the crew that a monster with at least a 20” spread is in the area. All aborts the original plan and now focuses on this new beast that’s apparently present. Robba hunts in the lake area, Leaddog and Steven formulates a plan to hunt around the swamps then back to the awaiting Toucher. A new development occurs, as Toucher announces that this new beast o’ mighty has already been bagged, tagged and dragged – by F-troop! It was the ten pointer from a couple of weeks ago, based on data. Sounds as if the Toucher was getting even from his bout of touchy-tummy, or from mushroom poisoning by Leaddog! Probie arrives, and runs backside round the mountain to the lake. The five now converges and hunts near the lake, pushing out an intruder during the drive. Piewhore arrives by vehicle and waits in anticipation near the lake, but not one mule is seen. All five members now has exclusive rights in the FAMHC, due to the charter that lists “no less than two Fridays of hunting CHU’s to maintain said membership. Piewhore gets a senior discount and now has an honorary position into to esteemed club, until next year!

All hunts the valley, swamp and surrounding hills. Drivers heads out to the stream headwaters, watchers to their posts. Lindy, the red blooded mule killer of last week gets on tracks that may prove to be an antlered mule! The lust for blood now courses through his veins like the syrup laden cholesterol fluid that runs through Spikes! Polecat, Robba, Digger and Steven pushes the hill to the watchers, with no sign of mules whatsoever. Tracks yes, bodies – no. Part two results a push from Piney Knob to the Knolls, where yet again nothing is produced. Robba launches one mule straight right over the top Liz, and possibly into orbit – we’ll have to contact NASA for verification. All meets at the end, and hikes back to camp for a mulefest dinner.

Enough is enough! Spoiled we are, no one wants to hunt today! With three bucks of size now in the larder, why push ourselves?! The crew awakens to coffee, mule sausage and eggs any style, cleans camp and goes home to the honey-do lists! A great season was had by all, with the promise of more mules next year as seen by the gang during the last few weeks – if the warmy-changy thing and brush wolves doesn’t get to them first.

7, 10, and a 8.5 ptr removed from the gene pool, including one brushwolf. VERY few does observed, brushwolves abound. Fishers and Pine Martins show themselves to the gang. No bears seen, but tracks on the last day of the season. 25 lbs of mushrooms collected and consumed – a banner year!

3 Replies to “WEEK SEVEN 2016!”

  1. Well Dildos
    It went well except for one thing. We never had the customary dogs of death roast at the Hilton this year. Dont worry I froze them for next year. I might buy fresh rolls if these turn blue. You guys are so lucky that your Den Ma Ma takes such good care of you. Yes we have to butcher this Tuesday as Justin scored down south with Billy and Robba.
    I heard he blew the shit bag apart and almost added his lunch to to the pile.
    Till we meet again.

  2. Great season you guys…I’m sorry I missed it! Hopefully next year will be a different story….time will tell. Be well and congrats to all!!!!

  3. Everybody notice the shit eat’in smile on the Pie Whore’s puss. Just like a possum eat’in shit on a frosty morn.

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