Junior's Button Buck
Junior’s Button Buck



Normally, we wouldn’t post anything not related to the gangs pursuit of happiness in the happy hunting grounds here, but in this case we must! “Junior” now joins the ranks of those with the lust for blood, by bagging his very first mule in the southern zone! All I know as told, that it was flat, cold, snowy and in the southern zone! Junior bags a button buck, earns his biology badge by removing said entrails and keeping his lunch!
Congrats junior! He needs a new handle!
Digger – post the pix!

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  1. And He showed up to Butcher said mule. Got his hands all bloody again. F Trooper for sure.
    PS Robba down loaded the map or whatever in my new GPS. Now I’ve got to figure out how follow the arrow once I learn how to turn it on and get to this point.

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