“Is this the Notch?!”

Lindy bags nice eight pointer “In the Notch” – actually 8.5! Details to follow – Digger, post the pix!

Four members of the FAMHC (in very good standing) arrives to conditions that can only be described as how a clam must feel being submersed in 1000’ of water. The 12” snowpack has been reduced to 4 to 6” of warmy-changy, with fog and drizzle ever present. The three targets the area of concern (AOC) from the last two weeks to confirm if the beast o’ mighty is still killing trees and digging trenches to China. Leaddog takes the familiar route to the AOC, Robba and Steven heading up from the Duck Hole area. Upon entering the AOC, Leaddog and Robba observes yet again more activity from the beast of the last two weeks, but with little time left to attempt to find him. Steven gets out to the top of the Thumb, with no sighting of said mule. Lindy arrives and stays low on guard – thus placing himself in the upper echelon of those members, who are in very good standing of the FAMHC.

A small crew of seven rangers is now present, and a hunt of the old days is in order. A push from the Knolls to Camp Knob is set, with the Pie Whore at the back door on guard duty. Polecat goes high, as always and encounters a mule that appears to be leading him to places not planned. All continues on in an effort to find the beast, but the wind was not in the gangs favor – which led Polecat off the grid, thus creating yet another “who had the bell?” situation. Robba had the bell, and admitted that he had lost his charge! The mule escapes in a northerly direction, into the wind perhaps all the way to the diminishing ice pack in the Arctic Ocean, where all of the polar bears are supposedly drowning. A return on the other side of the creek was accomplished, pushing mules all about, some crossing the creek with others doing what they do best – disappearing into thin air!

As always, the “bunny hill” is set for exploitation. With only six to perform the hunt, and the seventh on guard duty down low, all starts as usual. Leaddog climbs to his watch, Lindy up top in the notch and Steven in his favorite place. Three drivers performs the task of many, and before any of the three watchers gets actually settled, three shots are fired from the area occupied by Lindy. Leaddog only 100 yards away waits to throw a rock at any mule attempting to escape, in an effort to turn it back to a shooter. No rock was required however, as over the air Lindy states excitedly that “Brown is Down”! The gang scrambles to the Notch, where Lindy was found grinning like the Grinch was seen in the Christmas special!


A nice eight pointer (with a ninth almost point) is down, which is Lindy’s first well deserved deer ever! We’ll call it an 8.5 pointer….

On yet another note: It has been observed that the last six bucks taken by the crew had quite an anomaly present. It appears that during those hunts, a certain member of F-Troop and a member not in good standing of the FAMHC at this time (no, Probie not you – that’s a whole different story) has not been present during those kills. What gives?

White Tines Decline Theory in action! -MEOW

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  1. No more DEER. I’m sick of butchering.
    PS This deer had a 3 inch round pus sack in his neck. Taxidermist said its common for fighting deer when they get gored to develop a pus sack under the skin.

  2. I’ve moved the comment from Spike on his post to the comment section, where it belongs – and deleted the post. Please comment in the comment section only.

    Regards, your Ftroop moderators……

    Spike said:. Great Job Lindy!

  3. 1000 hrs in the notch, one NICE buck….priceless!!!!!! GOTTA love the group photo where polecat, as usual is sippin on Darins mug. #priceless. FTROOP 4 EVER!

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