2016 Spring Hike

Polecat The Prospector
Polecat The Prospector



With the way this winter is going and lack of the white shit, we may get an early hike. I will post the dates when I see how much snow we have in April or early May.

I cant go March 27 (Easter), April 16 (snowmobile club function) May 8 (Mothers Day), May 14 (snowmobile club function) or June 4 (snowmobile club function)

You Den Ma Ma


PS I bought a digital metal detector with so many screens and buttons it scared me.  It can find gold. So I hope we can find a grave near the well and a scull with gold teeth.  So now you know where your going.  Bring shovels and pick axes.

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  1. I can hear it now:

    “I need more batteries, who’s got batteries?”

    Skulls with gold teeth?! We won’t need pickaxes, we’ll need an exorcist!

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