New F-Troop “Award” announced!

Yes, Dear! Award
Yes, Dear! Award

Our faithful Den MAMA has created yet another “award” to be handed out in future seasons. In addition to the original and much coveted “A$$Hole of the Year Award” and the newly created and much loved “F-Troop Ken Doll Award”, we now have the “Yes, Dear! Award”! All one needs to do to be in consideration for this award is to miss but only one minute of any given season due to direct orders from ones better half. If and when you are bestowed with this great honor your mug will be placed in an empty freezer, photographically documented, labeled appropriately and posted online for all to enjoy.

On behalf of our Den MAMA, I would like to present the inaugural “Yes, Dear Award” to Probie for his exceptional ability to, despite earning the required CHU’s to maintain FAMHC status, disappear completely halfway through the season as per directions from the boss! Congratulations Probie! Much deserved!


4 Replies to “New F-Troop “Award” announced!”

  1. You have too much time on your hands. You need a couple of kids to keep you busy. My award should be more like “Man-of-the-Year” due to my dedication to my wife, kids and country by working those hunting weekends. Alas, I will except this award. I only hope I can live up to its standards. Got to go. I hear my wife calling. “Yes Dear!”

  2. LOVE IT
    And rightfully so, as I know you gonads always get to have the last two words (including yours truly) to your family’s whims.
    They are * Yes Dear *
    Your ever loving Den Ma Ma

  3. “Alas, I will except this award. I only hope I can live up to its standards”.

    Will you “except” said award or “accept”? Being the engineer you are and all, you could be playing crafty tricks on those who are “definitionitially” challenged.

    Of course there’s always the math thing….. 😉

  4. once this award has been awarded, the first response when called upon “over the air” during any ftroop sanctioned event is “yes dear”. I can hear it now….hey probie big buck headed your way….yes dear!!!!!

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