Four Rangers and members of the FAMHC gather the eve before to make plans for the next days hunt. Those plans didn’t include the torrential downpours and high winds that all woke up to. After the warmy-changy rains ceased, all heads for the hills – which most likely included Icicle Al. 😉 The AOI was covered in fine fashion, with more scrapes and rubs being found. Steven joins the gang and sees what all have seen – nothing.


With eight FTroopers now present, including what was most likely and was later confirmed to be Icicle Al, the gang hunts locally. The rains and winds of the day prior have ceased, and now has turned into 3″ of winter wonder, with visibility limited to less than 75′. The ninth member of the gang was found by Digger on the hill and was reported as a “little turned around” in the snow. Yeah – sure! 😉 (it must be mentioned that Digger now holds the badge for “Most Number of Icicle Al Sightings). After pointing him the correct direction – yeah, right, sure – Digger resumes his quest for the beast. Toucher sees a doe up high, tracks abound everywhere. Dr. Pork, and “Wally-hood” who was sporting his nifty Hunger Games crossbow shows up a bit later in the day and gets into the mix! A final drive was completed and all heads back to camp. Leaddog and Steven arrives at camp first, barely in the lot when a frantic call from the Chipster was heard. Apparently a buck has just sneaked by both just 200yds from camp and goes up the hill. No shot could be taken due to Chip removing his bullets (as told) from his shootin’ iron. At the cable. Half a mile from camp. Safety first Chip! ARRGH!! LEAVE BULLETS IN GUN TILL DONE!


A beautiful day of warm and sun is on order, which melted most if not all of the 3″ of partly cloudy. A local drive was performed with does as usual, being pushed as usual, by the usual pushers. Steven sees two slickers down low, and all heads back to camp to quit deer hunting – until next Friday. An interloper’s tracks was observed from the day prior. Was it the “stealth ninth member” who keeps popping up of the gang? If this keeps up, we’ll have to consider charging him dues!

5 Replies to “WEEK FOUR!”

  1. I think we need to check camp for wire taps. How else would the elusive member always know where we are.

  2. Well Chip – the answer is that the “bug” is either at the local swillery, or is channel 1.

    I think we need to encrypt the radios and start walking backwards…..

  3. Agreed the real men are going in to camp Thursday night and will adjust our radios with a privacy code that only F Troopers will know.
    Even the Trail Hugger is coming Thursday night. He’s a real man.

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