Toucher shows up in the dark, dons headlamp and works his way to the Area Of Interest (AOI). Stealthily he sneaks into the AOI, only to find to his surprise an intruder sitting in a treestand! Not to let this intruder interfere with his preplanned hunt, he makes his presence known. Leaddog shows up at graydawn and gets on the trail to assist the Toucher. Plans are rearranged, and both hunt away from said intruder, who most likely thought he had the entire woods to himself. Sorry there out of state interloper, not the case! In the following order, the members of the esteemed FAMHC attain CHU’s and remains active with said membership: Steven,Lindy, Robba and Digger, but no Polecat. In an attempt to not push any mules to the interloper the crew hunts back towards camp, with no results.


A strong crew is now present, and a push of a local hill is in order. Watches are manned, with drivers moving about. During the drive, a bear flies by Leaddog at 100mph, 50 yds away in the trees – who then takes two shots – just because. The bruin runs right into Chip, who offers three shots. A change of Chip’s panties was in order! Chip earns his “I found Icicle Al badge”! Part two of the day results in a push over Liz to Piney Knob. Digger and Leaddog climbs into the sky just to drop off the other side, but encounters the interloper in his tree stand on the way. Playing through his watch must have left him quite befuddled, and he also claimed via interrogation that the bear ran right under him. Polecat and company waits for the up-top crew to get up-top, then as always asks them for a hoot to locate said cloud splitters. That hoot sent a mule that was only 20 feet away in the pines from the up-top crew, down the other side. All pushes down hill to Piney Knob and closer to the beer!


The crew has had enough of the interlopers and decides to make its presence known. Drivers are driven to a starting point and only one vehicle is present, and does not belong to the interlopers. Feeling much better about the lack of others a big push is in order. Towards camp the highguys travel, and finds much sign. Lowguys find the tree stands unoccupied, but still left in the woods. Lowguys hunts to the low watchers, and the highguys finally runs into mules. ToucheR actually saw “horns glistening in the sun” but could not get a shot. This beast occupies a well known haunt, and will be the focus of next weeks hunt!


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  1. Spikism #483 – The A in Class A must stand for Asshole.

    Rumor has it that there may be a special guest appearance by the Prob-inator this weekend. He can make it Thursday night to earn valuable F-Troop points. He is saving his points for a new gravy spoon.

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