The Great Missing Pillow Caper

Have You seen me?

It was just over a month, since the close of the season,
Before out came a rant, for some particular reason.
An item close to one’s heart was found to be missing,
Which kept all of the gang endlessly guessing.

All were notified, warned, and thoroughly scolded,
It appeared that the camp, might soon could be folded.
Polecat, who was holding fast to his ground,
Said that the camp would be closed, until it was found.

Searching many places, with some high and some low,
They looked in between spaces, where the mice even go.
Hours were spent, working on this fateful event,
The item was still missing, with no clue where it went.

Who would have taken it, and the question is why?
How could it be missing, was the Polecats reply.

At the same time, at over a hundred miles away,
Two of his Rangers, called each other to say;
I have an idea, as to where it may be!
You’ll have to search elsewhere, so go look and we’ll see.

As fate would have it, the item was soon found.
Not all that far either, from the original ground.
A young RIT took it, without any permission,
He’s now on the shit list, and will live in the kitchen!

By Leaddog

7 Replies to “The Great Missing Pillow Caper”

  1. You Dildos dont know how lucky you are that the hobbit remembered a certain little pecker head took it down to his camp and left it there. He’s the only one on my shit list now and will be a driver for the rest of his natural life. If he lives that long.
    Digger Another foot to shovel off your roof. Came Sunday nite.

  2. I am relieved to hear the pillow has been returned to its rightful place.
    We will probably head up again this weekend to shovel it again. Snow Sucks!

  3. I told Pie Whore he should go on the web site to look around.
    Digger, another foot of snow to shovel off.

  4. Beautiful poem. You will have to recite it at camp while we sit around drinking coffee and tapping on our bongos. I think I have a Beret I can wear with my jammies. Maybe I should grow my mustache back.

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