Deep Snow At Camp

36 inch snow pack on the ground.  Got 17 in January and 45 in February  (62″)  The 12 or so we got in December melted from the rain.

The deer have to be hurting.  We will lose some of the smaller ones.

We should get up on Stay Away this spring and cut some browse.


******BREAKING NEWS!!******

This just in from Polecat. Due to harsh winter weather they were forced to use out house, frozen septic tank pipe. Pictures above.

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  1. Was the device used in the depth determination calibrated to a standard?
    Was it an official NWS sanctioned device, or the stick used for “stick duty”?
    Was the area in which the measurement made reflective of the overall area?
    Were the measurements skewed in any manner, thus requiring a statistical evaluation of the data obtained?

    What was the snow pack density and water equivalent? What about energy flux?

    Is the snowpack in a constructive metamorphosis stage, or destructive?

    This could be like the climate-changy-warming-cooling thing. Erroneous data collection skewed to the person collecting the data.

    I’ll have to perform the analysis this week utilizing the correct methodology.

  2. Good article in the NYS Outdoor Sportsmens paper about the deer situation in the Adks, but of course most of you cheap dildo’s probably never heard of this paper. Except for Robba and I got him to subscribe. He love the info about strickly NYS in it.
    Look out if we get rain up there this wednesday and it produces a crust. The paper said it will allow coyotes to stay up and hamper the deers movement to find browse and at this time of the year (mid march on) they will be using up their fat reserve.
    Of course you dildo’s know all this but would rather play cards and eat shit in camp.

  3. “Except for Robba and I got him to subscribe.”

    We all know he’s always been the favorite!!!! 🙂

    North Lake Rd (past South Lake) gets the award – 34.8″ depth – 7.0″ of water.

  4. I got stuck in 14″ of slush on South Lake on Jan 28 with Robba and another guy. They were OK as they both had 16 X 137″ tracks under their sleds. My sled only has a 15 X 121″ track.
    It took two hours to tug and pull it back to the shore line where Robba came to the rescue by breaking a trail along it back to the main trail going around the lake.
    Never Again.

  5. To bad some of these other cheap dildos dont subsribe to it. Some of them dont even give a crap if they hunt or not or whether they ever have a gun to hunt with. You know who you are.

  6. Picked up another 6″ of that beautiful white shit last week and it was snowing hard when we left on this past Sunday. Supposed to get snow squalls today and this coming Saturday up there.
    That trailer under the cow lady’s roof has to be strong. Its still up.
    I see the diggers roof was cleaned off sometime last week, but I see 6 more on it since he did it.

  7. We went up on 2/28 and shoveled it for the third time this year. Every year I swear that place will cave in but every year it makes it! Unbelievable! While I shoveled Jenn ran/trudged up the hill through waist deep snow for a little workout. She’s nuts!

    On a side note: Ron, how far is it to a gas station on sleds going towards Morehouse? Some guy stopped and asked me but I had no idea. He was with his family, first time in the area, came from Speculator and was blindly following a trail on his gps! I said I had no idea and wished him luck! HaHa!

  8. Going west towards Morehouse its about 35 miles to a Stewarts in Poland. Only gas in this direction. From camp to the Salisbury Club via the Powley Rd its about 30 miles.
    About 7 more inches on your roof and snowing hard Sunday Mar 14th. Donna’s porch railing got wiped out by the snow sliding off her roof last week.

  9. Forgot to mention about the deep snow and the impact on deer.
    The DEC in Region 6 , North Herkimer County and here in the western part of South Central Hamilton County (where LeadDog does his snow depth measurements) reported that we lost a lot of deer to starvation. They counted over 50 in North Herkimer. They did’nt get into the yards where we hunt down in Morehouse. I did’nt see any dead on the snowmobile trails thru this area. There are’nt any trails off of Mountain Home Rd.or where we found that deer yard near Buck Mountain, so I dont know what we lost here. I think that these are the deer that we might be hunting in the LD’S. I seen some deep runways in Morehouse by the Post Office with one dead on the road here. I hope we did’nt lose to many. Might be a lousy season.

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