SPRING HIKE 2014 “Success”?

Based on a lack of interest, and plans already in place – only four dildos arrive at camp. Two are newbies looking for membership in this elite club – as with the FAMHC.

Four FTrooper’s show up to camp to keep the tradition of almost 10 years alive. Only ONE member, who just so happens to be one of the original four charter members of the Spring Hiking Club, and of course the FAMHC; sets off for alpine adventures! Going solo up the hill, Leaddog leaves the trio on level ground (which incidentally was not too far from the beer), and heads initially for the Scenic Vista. Finding the Hilton in a pile of fire wood, yet another rebuild was in order. V5.0 of the Hilton now stands, and awaits those seeking refuge in storm conditions. No visit to the vista this time!

Back below, the gang of three cuts and moves firewood about. One “certain” member in good health of said gang conveniently leaves his trekking gear at home, thereby making him not eligible to hike. The future of the Spring Hiking Club may be in peril if this keeps up!

If Polecat doesn’t erase the pictures, or lose his camera – Digger will post the remainder of the photos!

3 Replies to “SPRING HIKE 2014 “Success”?”

  1. Of coures, yes we the three workers did partake of a bubly and cooked a couple of dogs of death in between rain & snow & sleet. Nothing can stop a real F-trooper. That big maple that was down near the ice rock is now stacked up and ready to be split and put away.
    When the Digger gets around to put the pictures, you’ll see who the real men are.

  2. OK Dildos
    The next available date for a Spring Hike for 2014 will be 5/31/14. If you can go and or want to go, let me me know by e-mail or call me by the wedneaday before. Of course, as always the weather will dictate. I’ll know by the Monday or Tuesday before if its a go and call everybody who signs up.

  3. Boy did I get drunk Saturday night, those Martooni’s went down way too easy! They always taste better at deer camp!

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