Democrats are banned from F Troop

From your DEN MA MA

If I hear of any of you diddos voting for of even speaking kindly about one, you wont just be going to Gitchigoumi, You will be banished from F Troop period.  You will be permitted to register as one depending where you live or work. Thats it. I mean it. They are all Liberal, Marxist, Communists.



2 Replies to “Democrats are banned from F Troop”

  1. I’ve never been a democrat, never will be a democrat and probably will never vote for one either, at least not in this shithole state. However with that said one should really look at the individual….. believe it or not Democrat Senator Harry Reid has a “A” rating from the NRA.
    Personally I think everyone that believes in the Constitution and particularly the 2nd amendment must in all good conscience be a member of the NRA or a like organization. Those type organizations are the best bet for preserving our rights!

  2. The Schenectady Guan-Ho-Ha R & G Club makes sure you are a NRA member or you dont get in.
    Dingy Harry must have gotten this rating before he became a communist. Nevada is a big huntin state.
    Now he and our senator Gillybrand has to vote the way their told by a darker communist or their state gets nothing.

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