Does anybody know of a public rifle range that i can go to all the rifle ranges that i can find are private. Im not looking to join a gun club just looking for a place i can go and shoot once and a while.

Thanks Chip


  1. There are NO ranges open to the public in Saratoga County. You have to join a R & G Club but I know they’re all full. So you have to get on their waiting list.
    My club in Galway is the cheapest in the county. $70/yr, $20 initiation fee.
    Our waiting list is only about 25 people waiting to join.
    In Schenectady County the Guan-ho-ha Club in Glenville is $100/yr and $200 initiation fee, and its mandatory you will be a NRA member.
    Best thing to do is find a member and go shoot with him as a guest, or go find a gravel bank thats at least 500 feet from a dwelling.
    You can also drive to state land anywhere, find a opening or a bank and start blasting as long as you maintain the 500 foot rule. This is your best bet as most clubs are full on week ends and evenings, when you will probably want to shoot.

  2. Thanks Polecat i found one place. Tribe hill fish and game club its only $25 a year to join you dont need a sponsor and there is no waiting list. But you cant bring any guest a guest must buy there own membership. They sell there memberships at there local fire dept. From what i have learned on the internet about the place its nothing nice but it does have targets set up at 25 50 75 100 150 yards and like any other place you just have to clean up after your self. Im going to invest in buying a membership and will report back in a few weeks about the place but for me its just what i need no clean up days no monthly meeting and hoops to jump through to get in. Im just looking for a place to take some practice shoots, so if i ever see a deer hopefully i will be a good enough shoot to put it down with the 5 rounds i have because N.Y.S wont let us have 10 anymore.

  3. Tribes Hill is just the other side of Amsterdam. Thats cheap. You’d better get in quick cause if their like every other cluub, they will fill up fast.
    If the bleeding heart, communist democrats have there own way like the commie that runs NY City that model 7400 will become illegal to own in NY cause it has the capability to take a clip with more tha 7 shots.
    All guns that have this capability in NY City have to be sold by a FFL Dealer and removed from the city. They know where they are cause you have to register your guns by make and serial number to possess it. The NY PD has orders to kick your door down and arrest you and remove the gun.
    There are several bills sponsered by down state democrats in the Assemby right now to do this thru out the state. NICE
    Keep on voting for these commies.

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