Spring Hike – Update


Polecat has sent visual conformation of the current conditions of basecamp. These were taken on Apr 17 2015. Doesn’t look good up there. If and when we do embark on this years hike, all present are sure to earn the coveted Black Fly Badge.


Has there been a destination chosen yet for this year spring hike? Also when will said hike take place?



Does anybody know of a public rifle range that i can go to all the rifle ranges that i can find are private. Im not looking to join a gun club just looking for a place i can go and shoot once and a while.

Thanks Chip

Election week long hunt

hey whats going on guys? when we were up at work weekend a couple of guys were throwing around the idea of having a election week hunt come up after election day and stay till the end of the weekend  let me know if this is something that will be happening.   SEE YOU IN 11 DAYS