In-Udda-Woids Croaked

The Pie Whore called me to say that old Warren Kempf  (In-Udda-Woids)  croaked this past Saturday while in the Albany VA. They probably killed him.  He was 90

What do you ass holes want to do with his beer mug and coffee mug.  I offered it to his family so we’ll first have to wait till I hear from one of them.

We will have a So Co for him when and if we get a spring hike in. Some of you dildo’s will probably have a Tini or a kerosene. And of course a BEER.

The Hobbit is still laughing about when he fell in Panther Mtn stream trying to reach his glasses. I laugh when he tried to shoot the duck hole and shot the tree six feet to the right of the pond.  Tobias almost killed him when he pulled the trigger on the way up the mountain testing the safety.  SCAREY    He’s up there now with the Stork and Greeby Greedy Greenie driving them nuts–In Udda Woids.


In Memory Of Warren Kempf

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  1. Ok, I was at a air museum recently and saw a TBM that he flew in – he was a turret gunner. Twin fifties! 😮

    I wonder how many of our planes he shot down!?

  2. If the family doesn’t want them one of them should go on the wall near greene and storks stuff. Actually one should go there anyways.

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