Friday:Probie, a member of the FAMHC meets Leaddog to put on a hunt, and to keep his “membership in good standing” active. Both decide to hunt Beaver Valley to recon the lands for mules. Three inches of partly cloudy ensues, with Probies navigation unit being on the fritz. Old school techniques were deployed (map and compass) which led to the eventual meeting with Leaddog at a defined place. Probie earns his advanced navigation badge, which Chip will never earn. With two other members of the FAMHC now joining the hunt, a drive was now in order. Robba and Digger mans the watches, which leads to a doe running over Robba as pushed to him by the Leaddog, at the very end of the hunt. All four members retain their status in the esteemed FAMHC by mandatory attendance.

Saturday:An urge to hunt far away lands results in the crew attacking such. F-Troops top rangers are summoned by said urge to go and find scrapes and rubs proving that the Beast ‘O Mighty still exists, which it does, and still appears to be outwitting them. An all day hunt, miles from the normal hunting grounds gets all excited and tired. One last mini-drive was completed in the last 10 minutes of the day, which resulted in Robba seeing a doe. This seems to be a recurring theme: hunt all day and have mules in sight at the very end of the day.

Sunday:The crew now decides to do one of the normal Sunday hunts, and as a result most have a nice walk. Does once again were encountered on part one of the hunt, with part two having a little more excitement. Since the Toucher was no where to be found, due to urges not associated with hunting deer and his illegal absence from camp, a fill-in was needed to perform the task of the Toucher’s role in the drive. The crew assaults the hill does are encountered and once again sprout wings, as always. Somebody was dating Touchers’s does! And as always, a large mule was seen as a blur escaping at the same spot that is never covered, as always, AND as always, Leaddog gets to sit and listen to all the action on his dead, no deer ever, watch…..as always.

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