Polecat Lobbies for FAMHC name change!

The FAMHC(“Friday Afternoon Men’s Hiking Club”) is set to meet on Friday for the second time this year and Polecat is already pushing for a name change. Leaddog and Probie will be present in the morning with Digger joining them shortly there after. Polecat has informed me he will not be attending and has demanded of the three members, in good standing, that they be outta the woods early! He has made it clear that we are to cease hunting early so we can put on a drive to the local watering hole to rescue the barrel of swill! I fear the future of the FAMHC is heading for dark times spent buzzing around a bar instead of out exploring untouched lands! I will not endorse the name change from FAMHC to FAMDC! (“Friday Afternoon Men’s Drinking Club”)


2 Replies to “Polecat Lobbies for FAMHC name change!”

  1. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” Does this mean that Polecat is recinding his membership to the FAMHC? He can still be an honorary member. He is one of the founding members. We should have a ceremony.

  2. ALL badges will be revoked, indeed rescinded, removed and placed in the shitter next to the third rusty oil can in back….skinny man’s side…till’ further notice. OR he get’s to spend the remaining season with Chip…teaching da’ lad da’ way of da’ ‘vood, Ya?!

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